Jonny Gomes, David Ross to appear on "Swamp People"

(Picture courtesy of Jacoby Ellsbury)

Spring training isn't just about hard work (although it should be after 2012), it's also about having fun and bonding as a team. I personally can't think of a better way for the Red Sox to do just that, while down in Fort Myers, then to reenact my favorite television show, "Swamp People." 

On Friday Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes and catcher David Ross decided to strap on their boots, bibs and basically anything that had a camo pattern on it as they prepared for an alligator hunt. Jacoby Ellsbury captured a picture of Gomes and Ross as they were on their way to find them some good eatin' - the Red Sox just went “back-country” on us and probably gained a few more fans below the Dixie Line. 

If Gomes and Ross decide to purse a career in acting a stint on "Swamp People" could help catapult their careers to the Oscar nominee level we'd come to expect - one could only hope.  

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