"Larry Bird" shows up at spring training

The Celtics legend set a standard in sports for intensity, creativity and passion, but I’m pretty sure he never thought his reach would cross-over into the world of baseball. Bird's impact on the community in Boston, and by extension New England, could never be quantified - the guy's nickname is "Legend" for crying out loud. 

However on Thursday Larry's name found itself on the practice plan within the Red Sox clubhouse - it quite simply said “Larry Bird.” 

No, the former Celtics forward will not be attending Red Sox spring training at JetBlue Park. Larry Legend’s name was written in the clubhouse by creative Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield  to "describe" and name an infield drill

The rundown drill features Butterfield making over-the-shoulder and blind throws to the fielders to keep them on their toes - Bird routinely kept teammates off balance and on alert both during games and at practices, fitting don't you think?

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