Mike Carp delayed in Seattle, or the internet

Alright Red Sox Nation I’m no conspiracy theorist but something’s a little fishy regarding a recent story coming out of Fort Myers. On Thursday CSNNE.com wrote a post detailing some of the delay issues Mike Carp leaving the Mariners organization - essentially he was stuck in Seattle and that’s like walking into a depression clinic, yikes.

When I went to revisit this story today, Friday, the CSNNE.com link appears to be invalid, interesting. This might all be for the benefit of one Lyle Overbay, to keep his confidence high or whatever, but at that moment Mr. Carp was M.I.A.

    (The search engine results of "Carp delayed" on CSNNE.com)

   (The browser after I click on the link)

Where is Mike Carp right now? I have no fricken clue. Maybe he's in Fort Myers or trapped in the nebulous continuum known as the internet super highway, but either way if you see him say "Hello" and "Welcome to Boston" for me, please. 

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