Mike Lowell in Fort Meyers to help Middlebrooks

The list of former Red Sox players joining the current squad at Spring Training just added another fan-favorite; former third baseman and '07 World Series MVP, Mike Lowell. According to Lowell, Pedroia sent him the invitation, to which he delightedly accepted. Pedroia seems to really be accepting his role as the leader of this ballclub, which they seriously need.

Anyways, Boston.com reported that Lowell readily showed up in his No.25 jersey, very excited to share some wisdom with the enthusiastic 24-year-old Will Middlebrooks. Lowell also spent some time with the media, explaining what exactly he was doing with the young star:
"Pedroia mentioned to Will that we have good reputation of turning double plays. Spoke to him and (infield coach) Brian Butterfield this morning. Maybe something I say may trigger doing something better on his part. He's very impressive. He has the makings of being an outstanding player," Lowell said. 
Lowell said offensively "the ball sounds different coming off his bat." Lowell is impressed with Middlebrooks's strength and power. 

Lowell then made the point that for a young player, sometimes it makes a bigger differences to learn and be tutored by a person that has been in their exact situation. He said he was hopeful that maybe some of this advice would "stick" in Middlebrook's mind. As for Middlebrook's, he was ecstatic to have a former World Series MVP in camp, who's purpose was solely to help him:

"Anytime you can work with someone who has won World Series and won Gold Gloves, I'm all for it. It's great to have that at your disposal." 
On what they worked on, Middlebrooks said, "I worked on my angles. Playing third base is all about 45 degree angles. Working on in-between hops. Sometimes I get flat out there."

Pedro Martinez, Tim Wakefield, Jason Varitek, and now Mike Lowell have all made appearances at Red Sox practice during Spring Training. It seems as though former players are really eager to see this team make a quick turnaround. The skillful tutoring that the current team is lucky to be receiving should hopefully translate to a positive and winning mentality that the Sox seemed to lack last season.

Anthony Aidonidis