Out In Right Field: Jose Canseco vs. Bill Nye in a science showdown

In the weird, wild world of sports anything is possible, and when it comes to Mr. Jose Canseco the possibilities can jump to a whole new level. With that said it's with little surprise that I fill you in on a one-way Twitter beef between the aforementioned Canseco, and wait for it... Bill Nye.

Yes, it's that Bill Nye - the science guy. Let's break this story down quickly because these two do a great job of explaining the beef themselves.

Canseco has, what he believes is, a "stroke of genius" regarding gravitational pull. He then has another genius idea to share it on Twitter. Nye reads the imaginative tweets - something that perhaps a five year would consider a logical argument - and decides to respond via an email to The Huffington Post (I have no idea why he wrote to them). Below is the line of thought that lead to Mr. Canseco's ground breaking discovery. Try to keep up, huh.

Those were the tweets that caught the eye of one Bill Nye (damn, I'm good at that). Nye, who's own irrelevancy is rivaled only by Canseco himself, refuted (I think, I'm not really sure) his claims by emailing The Huffington Post - the email was littered with sarcasm and clever wordplay, read for yourself...

His nickname in Major LeagueBaseball was “The Chemist,” because he was so knowledgeable in the chemistry of performance enhancing drugs and making musculature go big. Reading his recent tweet about the remarkable size of the ancient dinosaurs… it doesn’t sound (read) as though he’s especially fluent in physics. This fills me with either joy or dismay depending on what social media messages he provides us with next. Either he’s in on the joke and is just throwing us all a curve ball with plenty of break, or we as a society have failed him completely with regard to the fundamentals of planetary science.

Canseco went back to his old stomping grounds, Twitter, to respond to Nye's assessment of his gravitational theories. As any good millennial man-child would do Canseco took to hurtful hashtags like "#baddresser," "#arrogantwit" and even "#headinthesandskeptic" to make an emphatic point - I'm still not sure what that point is but we may find out in another tell-all book, maybe.

Settle down Canseco those be fightin' words.

Honestly this was too stupid, funny and down right ridiculous to pass up. Welcome to the new weekly column "Out In Right Field."

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