Quick Hits: Red Sox sweep NU, BC

Lets pump the brakes and not get overly excited about the Red Sox beating two college teams in their own park. It's easy to look at a game, like the ones played on Thursday, and over analyze every aspect, at bat or pitch thrown. Honestly I'm too tired to even attempt something of that caliber. Yet there were some interesting tidbits that came out of those games so let's take a look at those "Quick Hits." 

  • The Red Sox beat Northeastern University 3-0 and Boston College 11-1.
  • Red Sox prospect Jackie Bradly Jr. impressive against BC  
  • Red Sox prospect Xander Bogaerts impress scouts with his defense as well as his offense
  • Joel Hanrahan throws a scoreless first innning as the Red Sox starter against NU
  • Daniel Bard clocked his fastball at 94 MPH and struck out the side after giving up a single in the second inning (18 pitches, 13 strikes)
These are just a few of the highlights that came out of those two Red Sox exhibition games. We'll continue to give you the "Quick Hits" as the Sox plunge further into spring training.  

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