Red Sox - Is the future closer than we think? (with video)

Yesterday, both Jackie Bradley Jr and Xander Bogaerts (pronounced Bo-Garts) got their first starts of the season for the Red Sox in an exhibition game against Boston College. It would be safe to say that both took full advantage of their opportunity. Both players recorded hard hit doubles (See Bogaert's hit in above video) in route to an 11-1 Red Sox victory, and Bradley made a good play in the outfield defensively, racing over to get a liner. Even manager John Farrell was excited, saying that he was seeing
a little bit of a glimpse into the future somewhat.
Calm down, Red Sox nation, you will most likely not see either player donning a Boston Red Sox uniform this season, as neither Bradley nor Bogaerts is considered the "full package." Yet. Bogaerts can hit the ball hard but is just 20 years old and third base is already taken by a young Will Middlebrooks. Bradley is already being compared to Jim Edmonds for his defensive prowess and skill, but he needs more work on his offense.

Both players have only three total months of double-A experience (Bradley about 2 months, Bogaerts 1 month), so expect Bradley and Bogaerts to return to the minor league camps in the next couple of weeks. Both players are enjoying their time together, however, and are hopeful that their path to Boston keeps them together for years to come. Jackie Bradley even added,
if we’re both on the same field at the same time in the future that would be great. He’s a great player and I’m honored to be playing on the field with him.

Watching both these young players has been fun, and if the Red Sox slip in late August, expect to see at least one of these players get their shot at the big leagues.

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