Andrew Miller the bullpen ace

In 2004 the Boston Red Sox were lead by a "bunch of idiots" with their fearless leader being a Jesus looking Johnny Damon. While atht curse breaking season is 9 years in the past this years team may have a bullpen of idiots, including Alfredo Aceves (actually an idiot) and Andrew Miller looking like Damon of 2004 or Jesus. Miller is in his 7th year in the major leagues, with his third team. He joined the Red Sox in 2011 and then pitching coach thought he would become a starter. While it hasn't quite panned out that way Miller has become a steady arm in the Sox bullpen. Last season he appeared in 53 games compiling a record of 3-2 and had 13 holds. His ERA was 3.35 in 40.1 innings pitched.
When asked about becoming a starter Miller said "It’s not that I don’t want to be a starter,but I found some success last year, which is pretty hard to come by at the major league level. We all look at the guys who are superstars and they make it look like it’s easy and they do it every year, but in reality it’s a competitive place to pitch and I’ll take success in any capacity". This quote is showing Millers commitment to the team and their success. Miller has found an interesting niche in the Major Leagues, a role that isnt a starter and isnt a closer, the 2 pitching positions where players stick around for longest. Miller is the man that can come out of the bullpen at any time and will put in a solid performance. One of the most important things about Miller is that he is a lefty, and with Franklin Morales and Criag Breslow injured currently Miller is expected to be the only lefty available in the Sox bullpen as the season begins. Miller is looking like Jesus, has performed like him in the past and its time that we start to become Millers disciples.
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