Bobby Jenks was in rehab when the Sox released him

Reliving pitcher Bobby Jenks has apparently had troubles regarding drugs and alcohol for years, according to an ESPN article. The struggles continued throughout his career, even if he didn't let many people. According to however, Jenks was in the middle of a 45-day rehab stint when the Red Sox decided to terminate his contract.

The rehabilitation came after a DUI Jenks was arrested for on March 23rd last year. The pitcher proceeded to tell the police officer that he "took to many muscle relaxers" and then agreed to a sobriety test, but admitted "I'm going to fail it". After the arrest, Jenks found himself in rehab where he successfully completed a 'substance dependence' program.

He walked out of the program sober but jobless. After signing a 2-year $12 million deal with the Red Sox entering the 2011 season, Jenks appeared in only 19 games with a 2-2 record and a 6.32 ERA. He then had back surgery and was placed on the DL. He has not appeared in a game since.

Anthony Aidonidis