Jackie Bradley Jr. to travel to NY, most likely to make the team

According to WEEI, Jackie Bradley Jr will be getting on the team plane after Saturday's last Spring Training game. Of course, that plane is heading to NYC, as the Red Sox begin the season in the Bronx on Monday. This means of course that JBJ will be starting in left field on Monday, right? According to John Farrell, not so fast.

Farrell still would not admit that Bradley would make the Opening Day roster, but that's most likely due to protocol. In order for the 22 year old to play in NY, he will first need to be added to the 40-man roster, and  someone will need to be taken off the 40-man roster. Who gets cut from the 40-man roster might not be decided until after Saturday's game. Nonetheless, it is good news for those on team #KEEPJBJ that the rookie is getting on the plane.

Before fans start dreaming of 162 games of Bradley in the outfield, it is important to remember that there is a lot at play in terms of calling up rookies. Bradley very well could only be with the big league club until David Ortiz, or even Stephen Drew, comes off the DL. If Bradley is not sent back down to the minors some time this year, Boston will lose a year of Bradley's contract eligibility come 2019. I understand fans wanting to win now, but in my opinion it would be very near-sighted to forgo one whole season of JBJ in his prime for a handful of games in his rookie season, especially considering that the Sox are built for the future, not the present.

Will Bradley be with the club come April 1? It sure seems like it. Although don't be surprised if Gomes gets the nod for the season opener against lefty CC Sabathia.

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