Charging at Windmills-MLB's War on Doping

As part of its efforts to combat the use of performance-enhancing drugs, Major League Baseball is reportedly suing the operators of the Florida based clinic that allegedly was involved in doping. As you might recall this is the clinic that Ryan Braun, Gio Gonzalez, and Ray Lewis were all linked to. Unlike the courts, MLB's investigative unit does not have to power of the subpoena to compel anybody to assist in their investigation.  As a result MLB is planning a lawsuit to force cooperation.

MLB is going to sue Biogenesis of America LLC to try to
force them to cooperate with MLB doping investations.
After turning a blind eye to doping for decades, baseball lost all benefit of the doubt. When the percentage of positive tests trends down it is seen as a failure to catch the cheaters as opposed to the testing program acting successfully deterring drug use. Baseball has the best doping program in all of team sports. That it does is not relevant, what matters is that it is the public believes it is the best and that baseball is taking this issue seriously. If that means a desperate legal ploy like this, MLB will take their chances in court.

The war on doping in sports is as futile as the war on drugs has been in society as a whole. Insofar as clinics like this are alleged to have broken the law these people do have legal rights and the presumption of innocence. Trying to compel them to cooperate with an investigation of another private entity flies in the face of that.