Shaq to try out for the Red Sox...again

Of course you didn't think I meant this Shaq, did you?

According to Alex Speier, University of Washington defensive back Shaq Thompson has been invited back to Red Sox camp during his school's spring break. Thompson, a standout high school athlete from California, was drafted in the 18th round of the 2012 draft by the Sox, despite not having played baseball in six years.

Teams take late round flyers on exceptional athletes all the time; the real reason Sox fans might remember Shaq is because in 39 Spring Training at bats last year, he went hit less, with 37 strikeouts. After a taste of major league baseball that couldn't have been any bitter, and a standout freshman year on the gridiron (Thompson is a potential All-American), what brings back Shaq?
“I was thinking baseball is something I want to keep pursuing, come back here with these great guys I played with, great personalities [who are] fun to be around. They make you laugh everyday,” said Thompson. “I just really enjoy it"

Thompson's chances of ever making the big leagues are virtually zero, but you have to admire a kid who is willing to pursue the passion to play the game we all love, even if it means embarrassing himself and missing out on spring break.

By the way, if he thought the 2012 team was fun, he's going to have a blast with the 2013 team.

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