Kevin Millar to play for the Yankees

So the title is a little misleading (because I intentionally left out a question mark), but let’s be honest the Yankees have been gobbling up our seconds for a couple of years now so this scenario wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility, would it?

In the tweet below Millar takes a double "dig" at the Yankees by insinuating the team asked him to come out of retirement (desperation), and the fact that he said "No" because his former Red Sox uniform number (15) was unavailable. Genius Kevin, just genius.

Millar is obviously poking fun at the Yankees and general manager Brian Cashman regarding their current roster situation. What situation you might ask: The fact that their entire team might be riding the 60-day DL before the season ever begins and Cashman is sweating it out more than Shaq at the foul line (stolen Dane Cook reference).
It's great to see that one of the founding members of "The Idiots" from 2004 is still living up to his reputation and is relentless in giving the Yankees organization a hard time - even in retirement. It's safe to say that once your a Red Sox idiot your always a Red Sox idiot, right Johnny?

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