SS Stephen Drew still experiencing concussion symptoms

When Stephen Drew was diagnosed with a concussion after being hit in the head by a pitch last Thursday it was expected that Drew would be back around 1 week later. It is now Tuesday and he still has not been cleared to return to action. On Monday Drew said The symptoms are still a little there, So it's kind of (a matter of) holding off until they calm down. Then, so the tests and go from there. That's kind of where we're at just in a holding pattern until I start to feel a little more normal and then we'll go from there". Last Thursday after being hit in the head he stayed in the game and began experiencing concussion symptoms later in the night. Drew must be cleared by MLB doctors before he can return to the field to resume activities. While Drew is out it is giving Jose Iglesias is getting more time at the shortstop position. Drew is expected to be symptom free later this week and will be cleared to participate soon after. We should see him back on the field sometime early next week.
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