Larry Walker saw Satan in Alfredo Aceves' eyes

Our very own Anthony Aidonidis reported earlier today that Red Sox relief pitcher Alfredo Aceves was involved in a brawl during the World Baseball Classic game between Mexico and Canada. As the dust settles around the diamond it’s becoming clear that Aceves will be among a few players punished for their participation during this skirmish. The question remains: What will be the reprimand for their actions?

Since the World Baseball Classic (WBC) is sanctioned by Major League Baseball and the players’ union it’s fair to say that this will cost those eight players ejected from Saturday’s game, dearly. Jon Morosi confirmed that regular season suspensions could be looming for those involved in the altercation.

Aceves is reaching his limit on Ben Cherington's crap-o-meter and I'm not sure how much more he'll take from the troubled pitcher. He's already been in the dog house because of his child-like actions earlier this season after refusing to run a pitching drill correctly. A suspension from MLB in the wake of this ridiculous WBC brawl would only ensure some type of disciplinary action from the Red Sox organization. Did I mention that Larry Walker thought he say Satan in Alfredo Aceves' eyes?! That's got to count for something, right?
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