Why Will Middlebrooks was stuffed in a trash can last year

(Audio courtesy of WEEI.com)

Will Middlebrooks recently joined WEEI's Mut and Merloni show to discuss a variety of topics including his wrist injury, the young phenom Jackie Bradley Jr. and the 2013 Red Sox spring training.

Here are some highlights from the near 13 minute interview.

  • Feels comfortable being a vocal leader without being tossed into a trashcan, awesome.
  • Playing less in spring training now that he's a starter
  • Loves John Farrell and the confidence he brings to the team (ignores Bobby V. question)
  • Admits to being more scared then in pain during 
  • Impressed with Bradley Jr. and says JBJ is light years ahead of where he was at 22-years old
  • Napoli has crazy pop of his bat and the team watches him during BP in awe 
  • Jonny Gomes is the Ray Lewis of baseball
  • The Red Sox are actually having fun at camp and it's not just a media driven story
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