The John Lackey Bounce Continues

As the saying goes, if you throw a dead cat out the window will still bounce when it hits the ground. The same could be said about John Lackey's 2013 season. It would be almost impossible for him to be the worst pitcher in team history like he was in 2013.

Last night Lackey gave up only one run in five innings of work. He recorded 13 ground all outs. An optimist would say that finally healthy and able to get full extension in his elbow, Lackey is finally able to work the lower half of the zone. A pessimist would say that Lackey doesn't typically induce that many grounders and was a bit lucky.

All that matters is that Lackey goes into the season healthy and confident. Last night his velocity was ok as he sat at 92 MPH. When asked about it Lackey said, "There'll be more. You put the third deck on the stadium, things happen."

If Lackey can reach back for 94 or 95 on occasion to put away hitters that's all he should need. His strikeout rate will be what determines whether or not he is an overpaid innings-eater, or a pitcher can be league average. A league average John Lackey would be a quantum leap over Aaron Cook.