Bobby V to write Tell-All No Red Sox Fan will Likely Buy

The high point of Bobby V's tenure in
Boston, the introductory presser..
Perhaps seeing that his career in Major League Baseball is at its end, Bobby Valentine has written a memoir of his career in baseball titled, "Valentine's Way." Given the embarrassing mess that the Red Sox were, and the clownish way Bobby V portrayed himself at times last season, this book shouldn't have nearly the resonance that Terry Francona's book did.

If Valentine really does spill all the beans there could be some absolute gems in this book about last year's team, and the inner workings of the organization. That this is apparently a career-spanning biography, his brief Red Sox tenure may be but a chapter and not rival The Worst Team Money Could Buy in chronicling another dysfunctional, overpaid, and pathetically underachieving last place team. It would still be foolish not to expect a pipe bomb or two in the book.