Call to action - rock Boston every Monday!

I love the uniforms that were worn as part of the Boston Marathon memorial game.

I guess I have a thing for all things nostalgic and this is a big part of every Boston Red Sox fan too. The park is Fenway and you can't get that feeling of stepping back in time as you enter a game anywhere else.

The history of the team is amazing everywhere you look and this is part of every Red Sox fans love for the team. Who can't name players from years past, name events that took place, and name villains from other teams that have thwarted the Red Sox efforts to finally win the World Series?

OK, OK... I might be getting a bit dramatic here, but when I saw the Red Sox playing with uniforms not seen since the 1911 season and wearing a patch with 'B Strong' over their hearts, I was hit immediately with the feeling of wanting this to be more than an one off event.
Here it is then, a call for the Red Sox to wear these uniforms every Monday home game from now on. Wouldn't it be really great to have them integrated back into the regular structure of the Red Sox weekly schedule? Let's rock these uniforms and never forget, it would add another great chapter to the ever growing history around this great team.

Is this a kooky idea? Is this too much to ask? Is this uniform not meant to mean something? Let me know what you think in the comments or via twitter at @ericschabell?

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