Alfredo Aceves still in the Red Sox plans... for now

Last week Tuesday, Alfredo Aceves gave up a horrendous 8 runs in 3 1/3 innings which pretty much sealed the deal with regards to his getting sent down to Triple-A Pawtucket. 

This does not seem to be the end of Alfredo Aceves as far as the Red Sox are concerned, but it seems the thoughts are churning as to what to do with the right-hander. If there is something the Red Sox have learned from the season last year is that chemistry in a clubhouse has a lot to do with winning. 

This year the team is winning and before Alfredo Aceves could display his eccentricities and personality in the detrimental ways he has done in the past, he is gone. Without focusing on the personality, he will need to put in some serious work to convince the Red Sox to pull him back into the starting rotation. With an 8.66 ERA and WHIP of 2.09 you can pretty much write him off unless something changes fundamentally with how he pitches. He has been performing this way since mid-2012, so the question is do you want him in your clubhouse and it looks like the Red Sox don't. 

I couldn't agree more. 

I am not a fan of anyone who has a track record of damaging team unity, creating bad clubhouse atmosphere, and that will most likely hurt the current Red Sox team as it is firing on all cylinders. Alfredo Aceves seems to be taking the news like a professional and is planning to work hard at Pawtucket, but only time will tell he can find the fault within himself instead of blaming his teammates lack of run support.

These questions indicate the turn around shown this season by the Red Sox can't be harmed in any way by allowing quirky personalities, bad attitudes, or anyone drawing the focus away from winning ballgames. 

Is it best to push him down to Triple-A and let him prove he can work this out? Should the Red Sox rush off and sell him in a fire sale? Is the question not when, but how long the Red Sox will wait to unload Alfredo Aceves? Add your thoughts to the comments or poke me over on twitter @ericschabell?

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