Event: Homerfest, Location: Fenway

Photo courtesy of the Boston Herald So far, the homers have been flying out of Fenway Park in April. So far, there have been 23 hit out of the ballpark in 12 games, equaling almost 2 a game, according to the Herald. The Red Sox have hit 14 of those so far, according to the article, which is a great sign for the Red Sox. Daniel Nava has hit the most so far with three, and he's come up with some crucial ones as well. His homer on opening day broke a 0 - 0 deadlock in the 7th inning and gave the Sox an opening day win over Baltimore. He also had a critical one vs KC on the first game since the Marathon bombings. That one gave also gave the Sox a late lead, and it was a huge morale booster for the fans. The Red Sox have hit 14 homers, but they've also given up 9, so if they want to be successful going forward, the ratio of homers hit to those allowed can't be that high, at least at home. Any team that wants to be a playoff team has to make their home field a fortress, and that includes cutting down on homers allowed. Not to say opposing teams won't hit homers, but the Sox can't be giving up home runs at this pace on their home turf. Questions or comments? Tweet me - @ConorJF 1016