Hanrahan off the DL, but will he close?

Drum roll please...
 photo drumroll.gif
...no, Joel Hanrahan will not resume his closer role, and Andrew Bailey will remain the 9th inning pitcher of choice by manager John Farrell. The skipper informed both Hanrahan and Bailey about their respective roles before talking to the press. Hanrahan will pitch the 8th, and if healthy and effective, will make Boston's bullpen that much better.

The best part about this whole situation? There is no drama. Can you imagine how this would have been handled last year? Valentine would have found a way to hurt someone's feelings, and then someone would need to be shipped out of town. According to John Tomase, Hanrahan praised the way that Bailey handled his demotion back in December, and will follow suit. Hanrahan went as far as telling Farrell that he's "comfortable with whatever [he wants] to do."

I'm not sure what just got stronger, our bullpen or our team morale.

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