Knowing when to shush

Since David Ortiz arrived back off the disabled list and into the Red Sox line up we have been treated to the hitting machine we know and love. Over the last 19 plate appearances he is hitting well over .500, slugging over .800, and an on base plus slugging (OPS) at a whopping 1.400! What more could a fan wish for in a player returning from the disabled list?

I for one am always impressed when an athlete can overcome adversity, like David Ortiz has done with his injury woes, to return blasting out of the dugout to have such an impact on the field from the get go. To hear this week that he is dealing with personal trials off the field, in the form of a divorce makes it all the more impressive. In a short interview David Ortiz asked for privacy in his personal life while dealing with his situation and I for one intend to honor his wishes.

I for one know when to shush.

This article will not provide you with any details on his family, his personal life, nor any issues around what he is dealing with off the field. This is just a well deserved tip of the hat to a man that is attacking the baseball daily, terrorizing pitchers, and giving opposing managers headaches. He is able to separate what is happening off the field from what he does on the field and I am on the edge of my seat every time he steps into the batters box.

I wonder what David Ortiz can do when he is happy and nothing is bothering him off the field? Can he see the ball any better than he is right now? Will he continue to perform like this?

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