Jose Iglesias turns some heads

How fitting it would be for the former Red Sox top prospect, who's chances were diminishing right before his eyes, to be thrown into the roster due to a teammate's injury. Projected starting SS Stephen Drew went down with a concussion and Jose Iglesias was suddenly relevant again. In the past he was seen as the future of Red Sox Nation, but after sub-par offensive production, the ice was quickly melting beneath his feet.

Being in the shadow of Jackie Bradley Jr. throughout almost all of Spring Training, Iglesias embraced his newly appointed starting position and never looked back. With a great performance yesterday (3-for-5, 1 RBI and 1 run scored), the 23-year-old needs only the keep up the solid production to make sure that the starting position is his for keeps.

Iglesias himself should know that nothing is ever certain. For all we know, he could flop for the next few games then be sent down the to the minors. However, the serious effort that he has put into improving his offensive game has clearly paid off. If he were to continue improving on this, paired with his already commendable defensive skills, Iglesias will undoubtedly be here to stay. Be sure to keep a close eye on him, as he could be one of the critical pieces to the 2013 season

Anthony Aidonidis