The Yankees' Second Biggest Opening Day Fail

New Yankee Stadium is an overpriced, soulless, corporate mausoleum that nobody likes. If you don't believe me, look at last the Yankees' playoff attendance from last October. Yankee tickets were so cheap on the club opted out of MLB's deal with the site to launch their own ticket exchange. Randy Levine and the hierarchy in The Bronx is arrogant enough to blame StubHub for the fact that people don't want to pay their exorbitant prices. When the free-market set a price that fans feel the New Yankee Stadium experience is actually worth, their natural reaction was to take their ball and go home.
Only a club that traded for Vernon Wells would think that
this is craft beer.

The latest chapter in the story of a deluded and out of touch franchise is this abomination of a craft beer stand. None of them are craft beers or beers a craft beer drinker would want to drink. That the Yankees are charging $12 for a Blue Moon shows just how out of touch the decision makers down there are.

The Red Sox owners haven't always endeared themselves with the fans. The recent reduction in beer prices for April may have felt like a bait and switch, but it could be much worse. We could've ended up with James Dolan owning the Red Sox. Houston fans can't love Jim Crane and his $25m payroll either. With the Yawkey Era now over a decade in the past, fans don't always realize that all in all we don't have it that bad.

Yes this is my second beer related post in a row, and no that does not mean I have a problem.