Red Sox continue to represent the heart of Boston

Despite the rough couple years that have passed. Despite having previously been full of inflated egos and prima donnas. Despite the fact that ownership has literally driven us all insane. . . in the face of devastation, the 2013 Boston Red Sox have stepped up and put the entire city on their backs.

From players like Dustin Pedroia and Jon Lester who we have watched develop, to newcomers like Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli, this team has shown so much love to their city. The Sox have always been the heart of Boston and continue to be, but I guess we sometimes take that for granted.

The events at the Boston Marathon left the city and the entire country on edge and tense. The attacker(s) cowardly injured over 175 people and took 3 innocent lives. That damage will never be undone. Still though, the Sox have shown themselves to not only be a symbol of hope, but a getaway from the harsh realities of life.

I literally watched the news all day, eagerly and nervously waiting for the latest reports to come out, just like I am sure most of you did. We try to step away from it here and there, but terrible news like this sticks in the back of your mind. Seeing the players and team take this attack as personally as the citizens of Boston and all who were affected by it was truly moving. When I saw the jersey that the team had in the dugout, I was at a loss for words.

Boston's passion for the Red Sox has been existent for over a century. After the debacle that occurred within the organization over the past couple of years, and all of the criticism and heat that we've given them. . . I just love to see that the players and team still have the same passion for all of us.

Prayers and good wishes to all of those affected,
Anthony Aidonidis