Jackie Robinson Day: How the Sox Road Jerseys Should Look

In 2009 when the Red Sox brought back the classic navy blue lettering on the road jerseys, they kept two features of the road jerseys the club wore from 1990-2008: the font on the front of the jerseys and the players' last names on the back. The font on the front doesn't bother me, and the names on the back didn't bother me until I saw what the jerseys looked like without them a couple of years ago on Jackie Robinson Day.

The Sox road jerseys look classic sans the players names.
The Red Sox road jersey was essentially unchanged from 1938 to 1989, save for the club's dalliance with the double knit pullover that ran from 1972 through 1978. Just like the Yankees, at no point were there names on the jersey. Before you think I am a kook, ask yourself what looks more iconic like a Red Sox uniform should: this or this? Better yet, look at the picture above and imagine the current team with their real numbers instead of all wearing 42. Classy indeed. The club needs to make the switch for good. Once they do that, I'll lobby for them to bring back the blue and white horizontal stripes on the socks.