Red Sox showed some fire today

The biggest takeaway, in my opinion, from the Red Sox Opening Day victory over the rival New York Yankees was the fire and will to win that they played with from start to finish. This team showed how much they want redemption and although there are a number of new faces, the chip on their shoulder was evident. I can also guarantee that no player wanted this more than the little bundle of energy; Dustin Pedroia.
Only thing I ask is u believe now ! Don't jump on later . Boston doesn't have bandwagon fans ! It's going to be special and we want the city to make a huge advantage all year for us . Get loud ! Thx everyone lets go    - Tweet from Dustin Pedroia

Now, we are probably getting way too ahead of ourselves but today's win felt good; it felt really good. Even from an unbiased opinion, the team looked really good too. Nearly every player contributed and it looked like a well rounded win; the pitchers did great, the batters tallied up the runs, and the fielding was solid. What more can you ask for?

One game in a 162-game season will most likely not make a difference in the team's playoff push. However, the beginning of the season is what sets the precedent for the remainder of it. The best possible scenario for the Sox is to come out of the gates flying so that they can build some confidence. Remember, the team had a plethora of talent the past couple years, but they simply came up short and lost their swagger. Once things started going bad, everything else fell apart.

All these guys need to do is keep up the good work and play like they did today; is this too much to ask? When you play a game as good as they did, maybe it is. BUT all they need is to put in the effort and not allow their confidence to be shaken. If this is a sign of things to come, this season is going to be a thriller.

Anthony Aidonidis