Want to help the marathon victims? Here is one way how

Originally posted at CelticsLife.com by Michael Dyer

Children's Hospital Wish List

Humans are not evil, they are pretty awesome.

I think I already knew this, but if not I'm learning it in a big way today.

Obviously I do not need to re-hash the horrors of yesterday. Patriots Day is the best day of the year in Boston. The Red Sox play a matinee game, the city is filled to the brim with both its own and those from out of town. A day in which the entire city gathers together and cheers one another along as they push their bodies to the limit. Million of dollars are raised, and the city celebrates long into the night.

It's one of my favorite days of the year.

What happened yesterday robbed the city of it's favorite day, and far worse, it robbed three people of their lives and sent over 180 people to the hospital.

Many folks want to help, but don't know how.

Earlier today I stumbled upon the wish list for Children's Hospital, where nine young victims of yesterday's attack are currently recovering. Here it is.

Children's Hospital Wish List

They have updated their wish list, gifts and toys for the young people that spend time their dealing with injuries and disease that they are far too young to have to go through. A gift to these kids will not only help the children currently recovering, but also the kids that are there in the future. A gift could help countless kids get their mind off of whatever it is their going through, even if it's only for a little bit.

Thanks to the awesome people that run Celtics Life, Patriots Life and Red Sox Life, plus awesome guys in the media like Rich Shertenlieb and Albert Breer, the list is starting to fill up. But it's not there yet.

Here's the link again. Donate if you can.

Children's Hospital Wish List

P.S. The gifts do appear to be tax deductible as there is a charitable ID # listed on the side.

Thanks a lot guys.