Was sending Iglesias down the wrong move?

It's hard to knock current starting SS Stephen Drew because he has only played in three games for the Red Sox so far this season. However, in his ten at-bats he has managed to get only one hit. Today, he had the chance to be the hero; in the bottom of the ninth inning, Drew came up to bat with two outs and two men on base in a tied game. Drew then flew out.

Again, with only three games under his belt it isn't right to try to call for an intervention. The only reason Drew may be on the hot seat with fans is because 23-year-old Jose Iglesias seemed to find a groove in his 2013 debut. The young buck batted .450 (granted, it was only 6 games) but seemed to provide a spark that this team enjoyed.

Iglesias started the season at SS because of Drew was recovering from a concussion that he sustained during Spring Training. Once Drew was healthy, Iggy was immediately sent down to the minors. Was this really the right decision? Sure, Iglesias wasn't the best shortstop in the league, but he was playing really well. Another argument against him was that he was unproven, but you have to get an opportunity in order to prove yourself.

As of now, the decision to go with Drew over Iglesias at SS was clearly the wrong choice. It has been only three games and we all need to keep an open mind for Drew and let him show us what he can really do. If he stays at this pace though, let's get ready to see Iglesias claim the starting position for good.

Stats via ESPN.com

Anthony Aidonidis