Yanks Old Guard Rise to the Challenge

The walls were starting to close in on the Yankees after the first two games of the season. An 0-3 start would not have doomed their season, but combined with all the injuries the club has sustained the feeling of a lost season in the making would only have grown stronger.

It would be easy to say that last night Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera turned back the clock. It would also be wrong. From the mid 1990s to today the pair have been the epitome of consistency. The only signs of age are on the radar gun and not on the stat sheet.

After Shane Victorino let Pettitte off the hook with his ill-advised attempted steal of home, Pettitte found his groove. The opinion that since the Red Sox lineup is as impotent as its been in 20 years, and that the club has to be more aggressive on the bases is misguided. The Sox can't afford to give away any outs.

After Pettitte busted hitters inside whit his cutter like he has since I was in high school, Rivera painted the corners as artfully as ever with his. Welcome to the show Mr. Bradley. Rivera has already announced his retirement, while Pettitte has already retired and come back. If the results are any indication neither should even consider it. As a Red Sox fan I'll be relieved to never hear "Enter Sandman" or see Pettitte never called for a balk again.