Bats on Parade

Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe.
The bats have been finally picked up after slumping for about a week. Not even a little rain could put a damper on the bats in last nights 5 - 1 win over the Twins. Dustin Pedroia came up with a huge (and maybe a little flukey) 2 - run home run after the delay to douse (no pun intended) the chances of a Twins comeback. The team has been coming up with every big hit during this stretch which has seen the team go 5 - 1 and improve to 27 - 17 on the season, according to NESN. More importantly, the streak has allowed them to move past the struggling Orioles and get to half a game back of the Yankees. Perhaps most importantly, they survived their first major slump. In the 11 games prior to this 5 - 1 road trip, they were 2 - 9, and the offense couldn't do anything during that stretch. To their credit, though, they were able to hit themselves out of it and finally get the pitching some support. That should hopefully provide a big psychological boost, because they will face more spells like this and now they know they can get through them.

Next up is the White Sox, who are just above the Twins in the Al Central at 19 - 23, according to NESN. The team should look at this to build up even more momentum, because they play Cleveland after Chicago, and that'll be much tougher, as Cleveland sits atop the AL Central.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer