Betting on upcoming Red Sox games

With the new MLB season barely a few weeks underway, both the baseball and the betting action are beginning to heat up. The next match for the Boston Red Sox, who are amongst the sides considered to be in with a real shout of winning the American League this season, is against the Tampa Bay Rays – and given that there is not much to separate these two sides in the American League betting odds this season, it is likely to be a very closely contested match.

The Red Sox have American League odds of around 10/1, compared to the 12/1 odds for the Rays, suggesting the game between could be too close to call, but the bookies odds for this particular match actually go the other way – with Tampa Bay rated the favourites. A great deal of this is due to the fact that they have home advantage – and recent match-ups between these two sides do tend to support this, as the home team has invariably come out on top. This is certainly something that should be borne in mind by anyone considering gambling on the match, and it means that some Red Sox diehards may prefer to sit it out and play at an online casino like instead.

After all there are plenty of NFL games available at those sites for those who want to mix their casino games with something NFL related – but if you aren’t worried about that there are plenty of other casino games to choose from. Indeed, given that downloadable mobile casino apps have ensured that you can play these games wherever you are located, it isn’t only Red Sox fans fearing for their side’s chances who might fancy a shot at them – as those Rays fans confident (even overconfident) of victory might want to give them a shot during the breaks in the game.