Bleacher Tweets: Future moves, evaluating players and acting like NFL/NBA

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Scott Levesque
Managing Editor

Because of everyone's favorite three-day holiday weekend I decided to do a special Memorial Day edition of Bleacher Tweets. Honestly, I just decided to answer more of your Twitter questions. That's right, I'm all about giving back to the readers. With that said I hope you had a wicked awesome weekend and here's to you, the fans.

If you have a question/s you want to ask Scott then send a tweet to @scottlevesque ending with #BleacherTweets. Who knows, you might see it next week on RedSoxLife.

Seriously, you know you want to...

@Jen_Royle@scottlevesque Given what you've seen over the past two months, who are you most/least impressed with? Napoli, Gomes, Victorino? #BleacherTweets

All three have had their ups and downs this season, but I see two that fit this question perfectly. The player I'm least impressed with is Jonny Gomes. His offensive production has been terrible at best with a .177 BA, 16 runs, 2 home runs and 10 RBI in 41 games. His defensive play on the field has been fantastic and I believe that's what kept him in the lineup. Hopefully Gomes can turn his offensive woes around and elevate his game as the season progresses.

On the other hand the player that I've been most impressed with is Mike Napoli. First, he's not a defensive liability at first base which is nice for the Sox. Second, after a rough start Napoli has been able to regain his form and help the struggling Sox with a team high 8 home runs and 39 RBI. I'd like to see a higher OBP and slugging percentage, but that will come with his comfortability at Fenway and as a member of the Red Sox.

@THE1Gio - @scottlevesque When do you think we'll see Xander Bogaerts?  #BleacherTweets

That's a great question and one that has a lot of mystique surrounding it. At this point Bogaerts is firmly behind Jose Iglesias in regards to the minor league depth charts. Until there's a need for the Red Sox, other than third base, I don't see a lot of movement in regards to Bogaerts getting the call up.

My assumption is Bogaerts will stay down for the year and once the season is finished the Sox will take a long hard look at whether or not to stay with Drew, or bring Bogaerts onboard. Chances are they'll invite him to spring training again to see what he's capable of. Sit tight for now because Bogaerts isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

@Bshunatona@scottlevesque What does collarbone irritation mean? #BleacherTweets

Collarbone irritation could mean a variety of things including; fracture, acromioclavicular joint tear or osteomyelitis - thank you Wikipedia/Google. In this case my assumption is Buchholz is suffering from inflammation in or around the collarbone area. Either way it's enough of an irritant to scratch him from a start, damn.

@njgooner84@scottlevesque Who could the team (Red Sox) add for more consistent offense? #BleacherTweets

First thought, Miguel Cabrera. Now that I've snapped back into reality I'll attempt to answer this question. I'm going to answer it with the premise that you're talking about adding within the Red Sox organization. I believe the Red Sox need to address the lack of production from Jonny Gomes and Stephen Drew. I'm all about giving them time to get into a "groove" but the Sox have given them plenty of time and they're still struggling.

The Sox called Jackie Bradley Jr. up from Pawtucket and Jose Iglesias is playing third as we speak so  let's see how those two additions help the Sox with their offensive production.

@mybosox3@scottlevesque It's obvious we need more pitching depth, who doesn't. Portland's Anthony Renaudo seems to be ready - call up? #BleacherTweets

If the Sox were seriously considering Renaudo as a possible call up to the bigs they would have moved him to Pawtucket for a start or two. Tonight he had a great game against New Hampshire, but I don't see Renaudo in a Red Sox uniform this year.

Apparently the Red Sox are looking at a possible trade for Phillies starter Cliff Lee to add depth to the starting rotation. The issue with this trade lies in how much the Sox would need to give up to acquire the left-hander.

@Docdover - @scottlevesque Do you think the MLB will ever follow the NFL and NBA by hosting a game in the UK? #BleacherTweets

This is a great question and one that a lot of fans have never thought about. Yet, there's probably a reason why very few have given it much thought and that's because - generally speaking - baseball is not as popular as basketball or American football in Europe.

I'm not saying that both of the aforementioned sports are HUGE in Europe but they're much more popular than baseball - nothing touches soccer (or football). I'd love to see a baseball game played in the UK but the reality is MLB isn't looking to Europe as a global market they want to tap into. Sorry.

@Billythe_kid_ - @scottlevesque Are we going to make the same bone head decision again and send Iglesias back down? #BleacherTweets

Billy, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but as soon as Middlebrooks his healthy again you can kiss Iglesias goodbye. I'm not saying it's right but that's the reality we all have to face. The Sox are not looking to replace anyone within the infield, right now. However, look for Iglesias to play a bigger role next year when the Red Sox look to make some roster moves.

Again, I apologize Billy. If you're in need of consoling just remember it could be a lot worse, it could be 2012, again.

@eroos722@scottlevesque Looking ahead to June the #RedSox have a tough schedule #whoneedstostepup? #BleacherTweets

There are three players that need to turn their season around to help the Red Sox moving forward; Will Middlebrooks, Stephen Drew and Jonny Gomes. All three have had lackluster seasons to date and need a dramatic turnaround if the Sox want to go deep into the playoffs.

Middlebrooks (.201 BA), Drew (.224 BA), and Gomes (.177 BA) have all struggled at the plate this season. The three have combined for 52 runs, 13 home runs and 51 RBI, but moving forward those numbers need to dramatically increase if they want to aid the team in offensive efficiency.

@WillysTeam@scottlevesque The Red Sox are a good team but could be a great team with 2-3 more "pieces," is there anyone you'd like to see the Sox acquire? #BleacherTweets

WOW, this question has endless possibilities. To answer the question I'd like the Sox to acquire a power hitting outfielder, a solid starter and a legitimate closer. The next question is, who?

As stated before the Sox are looking to acquire Cliff Lee from the Phillies and that could be a legitimate starter for the rotation. I wouldn't mind if the Phillies threw in Papelbon with the Lee trade to add a closer to the Red Sox bullpen as well. The difficulty with this question lies in acquiring a power hitting outfielder. At the moment the only name that comes to mind is the Pittsburg Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen. He's a solid five-tool player that could replace Ellsbury if Ellsbury decides to test the free-agent market in the off-season.

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