Buchholz, the Bullfrog and the Blue Jays: Part Deux

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It does not look like you will need your sunblock at The Fens today. If the Red Sox are able to get the game in, it shapes up to be a good one.

It's Buchholz, the BullFrog and the Blue Jays part deux.

With their last lonely tear barely dry from getting spanked May 1, Clay Buchholz looks to tear through the Blue Jays lineup again. (Anyone notice my use of a homograph there? *tips cap* The English language rocks. Take that Canada!) You can almost hear Jack Morris and those crybaby Canadians working on their new excuse for Blue Jay impotence. What?! After last nights one-hitter they accused Jon Lester of rubbing the baseball with rainbow glitter? Well, that should have helped you see it better, Melky!

Apparently there will be no accusations this time as Morris, the Blue Jays broadcaster, bit the bullet and sought out Buchholz before last nights game to apologize. According to ESPN Boston:
"I told him I was sorry that I had taken attention away from what he was doing -- that's not what I was trying to do," said Morris, who won 254 games in the big leagues. "I told him to have fun with it. We're cool."

"Cool" Clay Buchholz, the AL Pitcher of the Month for April, goes for win number seven this afternoon against a reeling Jays lineup. The Toronto "dream team" has lost three in a row, 11 of their last 14, they are hitting just .238 as a team and they are buried at the bottom of the American League East, 9-1/2 back of the Red Sox. Things won't get any easier this afternoon. No need for bullfrogs, rainbow glitter or apologies, but like Buchholz said after Lester's performance, "Tough to follow up...but fun to watch." And we'll be watching. First pitch 1:35. We're cool.

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