Dustin Pedroia's quiet storm

So far this season there hasn't been much of a laser show for the Boston Red Sox coming off the bat of their second baseman Dustin Pedroia. While Pedroia's power numbers are way down almost to the point of non-existence, he is still producing for the Sox just in other ways. Not unlike any other year Pedroia's defense is stellar and it's not like hes in any sort of slump since he is hitting over .300. Dustin has only 6 extra base hits so far and 0 homeruns on the young season. The Sox second baseman has never been a power hitter but the fact that he has shown little pop in his bat could be cause for concern.

While Red Sox fans would like to see him go yard more often there is certainly enough power in the lineup to compensate for his lack of power. Like I said, Dustin is still hitting .304 and his OBP is .405 so far this year so he has been doing plenty offensively. Getting on base, stealing bags, and scoring runs is great, but batting out of the 3-hole you typically expect more RBI's and power from that spot. I don't expect much to change power wise for the muddy chicken, I'm not saying he'll be homer-less all season but I wouldn't expect a 20hr 2013 for Pedroia either. The occassional dinger would be nice to see from him, but I'm just fine with everything else he brings to the table for this ball club. Why do you think the laser show has been absent so far this season? Comment below or hit me up on twitter @presidenteguapo