Jerry Remy: Infielder, broadcaster, sex god?

The Guru
Contributing Writer

The international man of mystery known as Jerry Remy was quite the player and apparently quite the playa back in the day. But who knew he actually posed for Playgirl ??!!

*WARNING* It's PG so don't worry, but keep in mind once seen it will forever be unseen.

Yes, this really happened: The RemDawg uncovered.

Yesterday Baseball Prospectus (hey, I read it for the articles!) featured a piece on baseballs "hottest hunks" who posed for Playgirl Magazine in the '80s.

According to Remy's "Scouting Report": "Whether on the field or in the bedroom, Jerry Remy gets it done. A true grinder, he doesn't mind getting dirty. Lots of heart and love to give." His position is listed as "INF/Sex God." Of course it is.

Besides The RemDawg, other "hunks" included were Hall of Famers George Brett and Rickey Henderson. What Steve Balboni wasn't available? *shudders to self*

For those curious, searches for Don Orsillo, Larry Lucchino and Wally the Green Monster proved fruitless. But I did uncover this photo of John Henry. Enjoy.

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