Postives from Last Night? Sure, Felix Doubrount.

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Let's forget that the offense didn't do anything last night, and take a look at the plus side for a second. His name is Felix Doubront, and he pitched really well in 6 innings. He kept us within striking distance the whole game, but as I've already mentioned, the offense didn't get him the run support he needed. I noticed when I flipped back and forth between the Bruins and the Red Sox that Doubront's curveball looked really sharp, and that's important. His velocity has been an issue this season, so having a good curveball is essential, and Doubront definitely had a good curveball last night.

Felix Doubront has been getting better in his last 2 starts. According to, he's given up 4 earned runs in 11 innings and struck out 10, and his ERA has also dropped to 5.61 as a result. His velocity is also going up according to, which can only be good for him. said that they skipped one of his starts to start a program to build up Doubront's confidence. That seems to have paid off, at least in the last 2 starts, but we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully, this can continue for Doubrount, as we'll need good starting pitching from 1 - 5 if we expect to get anywhere, but at the same time who's to say his issues won't return in the next start (I hope that doesn't happen, though). Granted, our pitching alone won't get us into the postseason. Our bats need to do their part, which they didn't do last night.

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COnor Frederick
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