Just walk away

I won't give him the attention he is looking for.

I won't put his name in print, as this is his goal.

I won't feed his ego and let Google index more hits on his name.

After taking pot shots at David Ortiz, he is now coming back around to make sure we all know that he is responsible for the sudden shift in the Red Sox fortunes.

The entire article is filled with the negative. Why does he need to write this way? Every one of the following quotes highlights the negative connotations that are dripping off his article:
  • calling the Red Sox losers, "The Sox were 3-2 losers...", a decisively negative way to put it.
  • a call for players that have been traded, "Where have you gone.... Jonathan Papelbon?"
  • calling the 3-2 loss a "...wasted opportunity."
  • refers to a frustrated David Ortiz that is blaming him, "He blames me. I understand...", yeah right you do...
He goes on to laminate how much he as turned around David Ortiz and brought him back to earth. Almost like he is proud to have poked the bear and proven he was right. He bases his accusations on innuendo, he provides no facts, he is thin on research, and is giving me the feeling he is more interested in being in the spotlight than on reporting news.

He mentions that it is "...too quite..." around Fenway now, so I guess he felt it was time to stand on the barrel, beat his chest, and shout out for everyone to look at what he did.

I say we turn away from him, ignore his words, and focus our energies on supporting our Red Sox in a positive manner? Just walk away and not look back? What do you say?

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