Update on Andrew Bailey

Sean Riley, contributing writer

Prior to today's Mother's Day disaster, Andrew Bailey threw a long toss session for the fourth straight day. Bailey threw from about 160ft and then a short ten pitch session on flat ground. The Red Sox are hoping on Tuesday for Bailey to get a session in from the mound as well. After throwing today both Bailey and pitching coach Juan Nieves were pleased with his progress. The Sox can really use Bailey back in the bullpen but with a right bicep strain they do not want to rush him back until he is good to go. With Joel Hanrahan likely done for the year, the last thing they need is for Bailey's ailing arm to continue to bother him throughout the year. It is not certain whether or not Bailey will need a rehab stint in the minors before returning to the big club but once we know, you'll know.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day, and a special shout out to my Mother, thanks for everything and Happy Mother's Day.