Knocking Sense into Will Middlebrooks...Literally

Courtesy of CSNNE.
The Red Sox won two in a row. No, seriously, they did! I'm not lying! Well, I'm always the optimist, so I thought the Sox would play themselves out of it....eventually. Last night's win came courtesy of one Will Middlebrooks, who hit a three run double in the top of the 9th inning to put the Sox on top 4 - 3.

Funny how things turn out. Sean Mcadam at CSNNE wonders whether the collision with David Ross last week might have literally knocked some sense into Will Middlebrooks. The question is a good one. Middlebrooks was struggling big time at the plate and aside from the 3 home run game in Toronto, he has done very little. Since he came back, he hit a home run and a double in the 9 - 2 pounding of Tampa Bay, and of course last night's game winning hit. According to CSNNE, Middlebrooks slowed down his swing after the collision, and it apparently works. Middlebrooks said in the article that he was swinging too fast, and the bruise on his knee helped him slow down. Well, hopefully the change will be more permanent and he can be the hitter he is could potentially be. He is a good player, but he's been struggling massively. I'm not a hitting coach, but I would say slowing his swing down was exactly what he needed and I would also add that he needs to keep doing what he's doing, because he's be hitting well since coming back.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer