Looking for a presentable setup guy

Setup guy in there somewhere?
Look no further, I have found the Red Sox 'setup' guy.

He might be a bit unrecognizable in this picture, but after he sorts out his off season hair and beard issues, we got our setup guy in Andrew Miller. I think since shaving the beard he has been a tad sharper, is throwing a tad more on the corners, and has a tad more control of his nasty slider.

Bare with me for a bit.

If we look at the normal rotation I already talked about who could be the weakest link and came up with Andrew Miller if he did not start bearing down.

A lot has happened since that article.

Andrew Bailey on the DL, Joel Hanrahan now showing discomfort, Franklin Morales on the DL, and several non-performers that have been shipped down to the farm teams. What is left has been working pretty hard to bridge the gap based on starters performances game to game.

He cleans up pretty nice, doesn't he?
I like the rotation using Junichi Tazawa, Koji Uehara, and Clayton Mortensen as the longer relief squad for the Red Sox. I see this as a stable and mostly successful team who are pretty good at getting it done no matter the situation when they come in. It seems to me that Andrew Miller is best cut out to bridge the gap as the setup man. He has proven his worth to come in and get the outs, with three outs not being too much to ask of him.

So with a shower, a shave, and a haircut we have the setup man in Andrew Miller. Who can't trust a face like that?

On a side note I have been wondering, is it just me or does Andrew Miller sort of bring back the memories of a younger Randy Johnson? A big scary looming left hander on the mound? Maybe not that dominating final version, but when he was scaring the bejesus out of hitters with his lefty slider? Does Andrew Miller have the potential to become the Randy Johnson of setup guys with regards to his slider?

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