Will We Ever See Red Sox Tickets on Groupon?

The online-deals site Groupon is primarily known as the site you go to to save money when you take your signifigant other out to eat, crappy gadgets, and travel packages that may or may not include a flight within 1,000 miles of where you live. Groupon also has a deal with Major League Baseball's Internet subsidiary MLBAM to offer discounted tickets and ticket packages featuring tickets bundled with food item and/or souvenirs. The Miami Marlins made news when they offered a Groupon for Opening Day. The Yankees offered a Groupon of their own this week.

With the sellout streak dead and buried, will we see Red Sox tickets the next time one of us is looking for a place to take out the lady friend? Given the crowds at Fenway so far perhaps we should. I doubt it will happen given the fact that the two for one dogs and kids eat free promotion was for April only.

In a month when kids are out of school and it's warmer in the evenings, the park should be more full unless the team on the field tanks the rest of May. If the team has several thousand unsold seats for a night like tonight, why not put some bleacher and right field seats on the site?