Not hip, not hip, Jose!

It was expected that Jose Iglesias would be send down to AAA Pawtucket when Stephen Drew returned to the Red Sox from the DL, but what happened next wasn't expected. Iglesias has not been in the lineup for the last 3 days for an unknown reason, a reason that was released earlier today. Iglesias isnt playing because he has been benched, for disciplinary reasons. Apparently on Saturday Iglesias hit 2 ground balls and decided to not run them out, catching the attention of manager Gary DiSarcina. It is unknown how long Iglesias will be out of the lineup but the news of his not running out ground balls has been brought to the attention of John Farrell who said "In the reports from the Triple A staff,they thought it was best that he needed a couple of days to regroup, and kind of get back to what's allowed him to be a very good player, experience success. He's dealing with some things". Simply put Iglesias is throwing a temper tantrum, hes mad about that he isnt playing with the Red Sox because he was succeeding with them earlier in the year. While Iglesias may think that this is a good strategy to prove a point that he is ready for the major leagues he is doing the exact opposite, proving that he is not mature enough for the majors and needs more time to grow up.
I was not expecting this from Iglesias, I find it unfortunate that he has to act like a child. Im sure that he will be back in the lineup and running out ground balls later this week. I am assuming that he has gotten a call from upper level management and got a stern talking to about how his actions do not reflect the type of baseball the organization expects to play. Do you like Drew playing shortstop for the Red Sox over Iglesias? Im sure Iglesias will be called up when someone else goes on the DL, its bound to happen sooner or later. Jose just needs to wait for his time to come. Any suggestions for Jose? Leave them in the comments below or tell me what the team should do with him on twitter @ryanthahawaian.