Not quite how they Drew it up

Fans have been calling for Red Sox SS Stephen Drew's head after roughly three games as the starter. After missing much of Spring Training and the opening games of the season with a concussion, Jose Iglesias won over the hearts of fans. The young SS had to take a backseat however, once Drew returned to reclaim his position. Many people (including myself) thought that Iglesias earned the right to keep the job for at least a little longer, to see if he really was ready for the big leagues. He was playing very well, but even still the team opted for the veteran and sent Iglesias back down to Pawtucket.

Drew started off very sluggish; he literally could not get a hit. However, is it possible that he could be finally turning the corner? Manager John Farrell definitely thinks so. Last night Drew had his first multi-hit game of the season, as he went 3-for-5 with a two-run homerun, his first of the season. Farrell says that he understands how difficult it is to miss Spring Training then be expected to pick things right up:
“I think the one thing that we’ve seen, we have to remember that probably on the homestand was compared to everyone else, it was just about the end of spring training for him,” Farrell said. “We’re seeing the timing become more consistent. Right-handed and left-handed (pitchers), he’s still putting good ABs up and he’s seeing the ball much better and he gives that bottom third of our order added depth and certainly a lift.”

Even Drew feels as though he may be finally coming around, as his average has steadily been approaching the .200 mark:
“A lot of it’s timing and rhythm,” Drew said. “I’m getting there. I’ve had great at-bats. I’m swinging at the pitches that I want to swing at, hitting the ball hard. Eventually it’s starting to turn around for me a little bit, which is a good sign.”

Maybe we hit the panic button on this guy too early? Before we jump on his bandwagon let's see how he continues to play and look for improvement. Also as a quick note, his defense has been spectacular. Hard to do much better than he has in that department.

Anthony Aidonidis