Mike Napoli Needs to be in the Home Run Derby

This contest was made for Mike Napoli. While he has never been among the league leaders in home runs, and to my knowledge has never been invited, seeing Napoli in the Home Run Derby would be awesome.

When the Red Sox signed Napoli we all expected him to hit his share of dingers, what has surprised me is the man's sheer strength. His second home run was as huge of a blast as I can remember any Red Sox hitter hitting in my lifetime. Watching it live I literally couldn't believe what I was watching as the NESN camera struggled to pan out wide enough to capture the flight of the ball.

Traditionally for the most part Home Run Derby participants have been the 40-homer-a-year type guys. If given the chance, Mike Napoli could put on a breathtaking display. A couple of years ago there was a Twitter campaign to have Wily Mo Pena invited to compete. With his light-tower power that would have been amazing as well. Come to think of it, his blast in Kansas City when he played for the Red Sox might be one of the only blasts I can remember close to Napoli's. Manny's fifth deck shot in Toronto would be the other.

Freed from the burden of catching, maybe Napoli will be among the leaders in home runs and gets an invite. If he did, it could be something special.