The Big 3..disappointments

The hottest start of a Red Sox team ever in April flamed out quickly entering the month of May. Of course there are many reasons why, a bad throw here, a bad call there but really it comes down to the players. So far we have gotten what we expected out of the players on the Sox roster, Pedroia's automatic, maybe a little more than we thought from Naploi and the starters for the most part have been there for us. But I think there are three players/positions that have really let us down and are frankly holding back the potential of this 2013 team. Let's go through these disappointments together shall we.

3) Closer: I know you'll immediately say well it's only because of injuries that the closer role is weak for us right now. But that's exactly right, ownership knew Joel Hanrahan was injury prone and signing an older player always comes with a risk. Now your'e thinking well Andrew Bailey was pitching well prior to injury, and yes your right again. However, coming off an injury from last season Bailey was an unknown coming into 2013 which is why they went out and got Hanrahan. Now with Hanrahan on the 60 day DL and Tazawa yet to prove himself with a save opportunity the Red Sox bullpen is in deep water with no beach in sight. Looking back, letting Jonathon Papelbon go was a bad move. He was a lot to deal with emotionally, mentally, but the guy is durable as hell and has a 90% in save situations. The Sox could use that right now instead of all the unknowns they got going on in the pen right now.

2) Will Middlebrooks: Sophomore slump or rookie flash. I'm leaning more towards just the sophomore slump aspect of it, Will showed too many good things before breaking his wrist last year for me to think otherwise. That doesn't mean he gets a pass by any means, Middlebrooks is a huge part of their lineup and with no power at the end of the order they really need him to get going fast. 15 home runs in half a season last year, Middlebrooks was predicted for close to 30 bombs and 80 rbis. Besides the fact he's killing my fantasy team, Middlebrooks is swinging at everything that comes his way and has no patience at the plate. I expect him to come around but when and how well that turnaround will be is the question.

1) Where the hell is Jacoby Ellsbury?! If I'm not mistaken Ellsbury IS batting lead off and playing for the Red Sox this year right? This is also a contract year for him isn't it? Lets be honest, did we expect Jacoby to blast another 30 home runs like he did in 2011? I sure didn't, but I also didn't expect him to have ZERO power. 12 stolen bases is cool and all but for a guy who was an MVP candidate two years ago this is not the player we expected this season. Coming into the year I expected him to have a hot first half and be a phenomenal trade asset for the Red Sox who most don't expect to extend or re-sign him going forward. Right now you wouldn't be able to get much more than a couple prospects and a reliever for him. The pressure is on for him to turn things around and fast because he knows his bank account depends on it.

Either these issues work themselves out or someone in upper management will need to make something happen on their own. The Sox cannot and will not reach their full potential unless/untill these guys get going. Agree or disagree with my "Big 3", you know these are major issues within the organization. You think you got a more important big 3 of disappointments let me know and we can discuss.