The Oracle Predicts Where the Sox will be in July

It may be a little early to start talking about where the Sox will be at the All Star break, but predicting the future is fun, and I'm going to do it anyway. Especially since the Sox are currently atop the AL East. And the Sox being in first place means the Yankees aren't in first, which makes this twice as satisfying for me. According to ESPN, the Orioles are third at 3.5 back, the Rays are 7 back, and the massively underachieving Blue Jays are 9.5 back. I say "massively underachieving" because the Jays probably made the most noise in the off-season by bringing in players such as Jose Reyes and NL Cy Young winner R.A Dickey. But bringing in big names isn't always a key to success, as the Red Sox have proved. Carl Crawford was one such example. Granted, he was injured a lot, but he never had the levels of success he was able to produce at Tampa Bay. I'm not sure if the increased pressure of moving from a small market team to a big market team got to him or the enormous pay day inflated his ego, or the injuries got in his way, but he wasn't the same player with us.
But I digress. Back to the Red Sox. If they can keep playing the way they have been, they will maintain this lead at the top of the division going into the break. But that depends on a lot of things. One being the level of play they can maintain. Two are the other teams in the division. We can't take anything for granted in this division, because any slip up at the top means any team could take advantage. This was probably one of the tougher divisions to predict coming into the season, but I think it is pretty safe to say the Red Sox are exceeding all expectations right now. But I also think I speak for most Red Sox fans when I say I am keeping the end of 2011 in the back of my head. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid, but the fact is that the Red Sox managed to pull off a massive choke in September. But for now, my prediction is this - the Red Sox will still be on top come July.
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