An open letter to Boston sports fans: Let the Red Sox cure what ails you

The Guru
Contributing Writer

I know it’s been a tough week Boston sports fans. The Bruins lost their grip on the Stanley Cup in a matter of seconds. The Celtics lost their head coach, their intense leader and they lost The Truth. As for the Patriots? Well, you know, things don't look so good. The Pats are getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. At least they got you a Tim Tebow. *insert unicorns and rainbows here*

It is time to put down the Haagen-Dazs, pull up the shades and come in off the ledge. It’s not all doom and gloom, Boston fans. Let the sunshine in.

While you were rolled up in the fetal position weeping into your Tyler Seguin jersey, the Red Sox have been sitting atop the American League East. And the Yankees are fading faster than Aaron Hernandez’ chance of wearing a color other than bright orange again. Too soon?

New England fans, it’s time to embrace a team no one gave a chance. 41 of the 43 "experts" at ESPN had the Red Sox finishing out of contention this year. Even Nomah counted you out. Yet, here we are at the halfway mark of the season and the Red Sox are 48-36. They lead the division by 3 ½ games. This year’s collection of gritty veterans, surprising rookies and bearded Bunyan’s have the best record in the American League.

What you missed while you were away: Big Papi walk-offs, All-Star caliber play from a guy that couldn't make his college team, a Lackey transformation - he's half the man he used to be. You also missed Jacoby Ellsbury proving he's the real man of steal, a kid called Iggy is really hitting and dazzling with the glove, Koji became the closer with a dangerous high-five, and the heart and soul of this team, Dustin Pedroia, is putting up a MVP-type season.

The Red Sox also have a real manager this year that doesn't "invent" sandwiches and jitterbug around the ballpark. John Farrell's got some guts, the teams back and it's attention.

It’s time to dig your old dirty Red Sox hat out of the closet, no one even cares if it's pink. You can wear it with pride again. The summer is just heating up and there is a whole lot of good baseball left to play. Let the Sox be your Dr. Phil and help you forget your other loves for a while. Now, now, there, there, the Red Sox will make it all better.

Until they rip your heart out and serve it to you in a doggy bag in September. Come on, you were expecting a happy ending?

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