The Red Sox score early

AP photo/Charles Krupa
If you've watched any sport for any amount of time, you've probably heard the phrase "Score early, score often." The Red Sox have mastered the first half of that saying. The Red Sox have had eight big innings (five runs or more) in the first three innings so far this season, which is most in the majors, according to ESPN Boston. Let's think about something for a second. They had five such innings in the whole of 2012. They have eight big innings and we're only halfway through the season. Just for a little more perspective - the 2004 team did it nine times in the whole season according to ESPN Boston. Yeah, let's take a moment and remember what happened in 2004, shall we?

We can't put stock in the past, but it's definitely an interesting coincidence. We're still only halfway through the season, so before you start jumping for joy and saying, "We'll win the World Series," just remember that there is still a lot of baseball left. And remember that "Score early, score often" thing I mentioned earlier? Well, the Sox haven't been doing the other part so well. Last night, they didn't put up any runs after scoring seven against Toronto and the Jays almost got back into the game. And remember when they blew a six run lead against Tampa and still won in extras? My point is that we have to keep up the momentum after we get one of these big innings and we can't give teams breathing space. Especially the Blue Jays, who have started to look like the team everyone predicted at the beginning of the season. So, remember the motto, guys! "Score early, Score often!"

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer